Moving On Transcriptions

About Us

MovingOn Transcription offers extremely competitive rates and a very quick turnaround. We ensure absolute reliability. Our goal is to achieve the client's satisfaction through fast, efficient and quality service. We have worked with numerous clients from many different fields including journalists, authors, lawyers, churches, schools and businesses. On the entertainment side we transcribe podcasts, entertainment journalist interviews, reality TV, documentaries and As Broadcast.

We accept multiple media formats and will create a transcript formatted according to the specifications of the client. We also offer quick and efficient delivery. For those in the Los Angeles or New York area we offer messenger pickup of media. For anyone outside of the area we can ship the media or provide a secure upload location. The transcripts are returned via email or mail if so desired.

All of our transcribers are professional and accurate. Rates are determined based upon turn around time, type of media and audio quality. Our company's level of professionalism will not be found at a lower rate.