Moving On Transcriptions


Who uses your services?

Media production companies use the transcripts we provide for the post- production process of entertainment programs including Reality TV and documentary film. Writers and journalists use our services if they have conducted interviews and need an accurate rendition of what was said. Academics and marketing companies use our services for the transcription of focus group interviews, dissertation or thesis projects. Podcasts and webcasts find transcripts useful as only text is recognized by search engine crawlers.

Does your company outsource the transcription work?

Because accuracy is such an important component of transcription we feel that it is extremely important to have native English speaking transcriptionists only. Also, the subject matter in entertainment and academic transcription is typically culturally referenced and we ensure that the clearest transcript is rendered based on this understanding. We maintain highly competitive rates when compared with companies who outsource.

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Getting Your Transcripts: 5 Steps from Start to Finish
What's the process from start to finish?

Once you have determined that you would like to use our services, please fill out the order form indicating the turn around time, the format you would like the transcript in and how the media will be delivered. We will then arrange for pickup with a messenger service or through online file sharing. Upon receipt of the transcript we will send you an invoice for payment.

How to prepare your media for transcription

It will cost less to you and be easier in the long run if you spend some time ensuring that your audio is recorded clearly. Record in an quiet environment and use equipment that will ensure a clear recording. Digital recording will be more audible than a cassette recording.

Wouldn't transcription software work instead?

While transcription software is continuously improving it is still based on recognition of one voice that it is trained to understand. It also has a hard time filtering from background noise. Therefore, when recording several voices or conducting interviews you will need a human transcriptionist to differentiate between the voices and produce a clear transcript.

When is your company available?

We make ourselves available to you all day, every day of the year, including holidays. We understand that sometimes, particularly in production work, emergencies occur late nights, weekends and holidays. We will be able to service these needs and will provide rush transcripts even on the weekends.

What is the standard turn around time (TRT)?

We can typically do a project of five recorded hours or less within a 48 hour timeframe. We are willing and able to do rush jobs at a slightly higher rate for anywhere between 2-12 hour TRT dependent upon the size of the project.

What info do I need for a quote?

To complete the order process we will need information from you regarding the project. We will need to know the audio quality of the video or audio recording. We use a 1-3 rating 1 being the highest quality, a clear recording, and 3 if the recording is unclear or has more than one speaker at a time. We will also need to know the format of the media, how the material will be delivered to us, the length of the project and the turn around time. All of this information is on the order form, just fill it out and submit and we will contact you with an estimate.